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We are officially a strategic partner with Vintage now

Vintage is an up and rising e-commerce site that sells high quality customised armchairs. The company has deep understanding in the process of making fantastic chairs. But what ultimately sets the company and its products apart from others is the fact that the armchair is customisable. You can choose the pattern and fabric of your preferred armchair.

Both Vintage and Jargeous aim to create better-living quality for our consumers. The comfort and convenience of our products are of utmost quality. We always strive to improve our company with stellar service and even better products.

Our products go hand-in-hand and will turn a house into a home. Imagine returning to a home with your favourite comfy armchair with jars of treats and a DIY bottle-turned-vase right next to you on a side table, that thought itself just exudes warmth.

Now customers interested in purchasing armchairs from Vintage will get a very special extra 5% discount by using the code JARS5VIN. Hurry and hop on over to to check out the latest promotions and don’t miss out on amazing deals!

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