Jargeous are not only serious about JARS, but also care about customer’s business. We strive to provide one-stop services to transform customer’s ideas into reality. With a comprehensive capable team, Jargeous can offer label design services to several industries including:

> Honey & Jam
> Dry food
> Cookies
> Pickled food
> Juice & drinks
> Candles & DIY stuffs
> Florist & Home decor

Label Design Service

Premium products deserved a premium design. With our in-house designer, we can create a stunning label to bring your products to the next level.

Label design


We offer various types of label design services to meet several circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@jarsinmalaysia.com

Recreate Artwork Ready design but no Ai or other printable file
RM 80 per artwork
Ready design
For text design only
Simple Text Design Got an idea but no designer to create the artwork?
RM 150 per artwork
Ready idea
For text design only
x 3 design to choose from
x 5 reviews
Custom Label Design No idea on how to present your brand?
RM 380 per design
Custom label design
Text and graphic design
x 3 design to choose from
x 5 reviews