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The caps and closures for glass jars or bottles you should know

There are various types of caps that are commonly seen. They may have different mechanisms of closure but they serve the same purpose of sealing and protecting contained items from leaking or being exposed to the environment.

Screw Cap

Efficient and economical choice for everyday household use. This is a very good choice for storing fluids as the screw on mechanics is very efficient in keeping fluids locked in the container. However some leakage may happen if the cap is not screwed tightly enough.

Lug cap for glass jar

Lug Cap

Lug cap is a type of cap that can produce a vacuum seal for preservation of food items. This is a very good candidate for product containers. The vacuum seal that it produces prolongs shelf life of food items until it is being opened and exposed to the environment.

Lid & band for mason jar

Lid & Band

Lid & band used to seal foods in mason jars. The set includes a lid that has a rubber seal around the outer edge and a screw on band that is placed over the lid and screwed down to hold the lid in place.

Wooden cork lid for glass jar and bottle

Cork Stopper

A simple stopper that is placed at the opening of containers such as bottles or jars to stop contained substances from leaking out. Very simple mechanics. Good aesthetics and most common go-to choice for storing wine.

Roll on cap for bottle

Roll On Cap

A cap placed on roll on containers. Usually comes with a long neck appearance to accommodate the roller.

Crimp on cap

Crimp On Cap

As the name suggests, this type of cap is crimped over of the mouth of the container to keep things in. The cap is tightly fitted over the mouth of the container.

press on cap

Press On Cap

A type of cap that presents closure with simple press on mechanics. The cap is simply placed and pressed into place on the mouth of the container. Commonly seen with food condiments such as soy sauce, sesame oil etc.

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