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We are now JARGEOUS

Jargeous is a hugely improved and refurbished brand from the original Jars In Malaysia. We are a small family with big dreams, dedicated to bring you quality jars with quality service. We aim for the best quality of service every time, right up to your doorstep!

Our slogan “We are serious about jars.” shows just how much we care about our products, dead serious. “How do we plan to show our customers that?” one may ask. Well, first off, we show just how much we care about you, by showing you that we actually listen! No constructive criticism is too big or too small. We mould our quality service to bring you exactly that, quality!

One of our biggest goals to achieve is to be able to deliver a more realistic shopping experience.Jargeous will be posting videos to showcase of our beautiful jars, enabling our customers to feel the versatility and quality of our products. Now you can shop at ease, knowing what to expect when the delivery man arrives at your doorstep! Also, our team has amped up the packaging procedure to ensure your products will be unharmed during the transportation, making sure that your items will be received with zero defects.

Relaunching our brand also means recreating a new face for a new image. Our new logo delivers a vintage and elegant outlook. We aim to enable customers to visualise us as a friendly and professional brand providing exceptional service and knowledge about our products – high quality jars. We wish for our customers to view our products just as we do, high quality and definitely affordable.

To be able to provide a variety of products for our beloved customers, it is also our promise to upload new items every Wednesday. We love spoiling you with options! Along with all the changes that we have already made with the relaunching of our brand, we have also included a platform of communication. We will be providing our customers with interesting reads as often as we can to update everyone about the different uses of our jars! So please stop by our website often to catch up with us as we are constantly keeping our site upbeat and interesting!

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