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RM2 and below campaign


Look our way! Our new WHOLESALE RM2 AND BELOW CAMPAIGN has officially launched! For this campaign our team has arranged an array of selected items to be sold in wholesale style and price.

Interested in starting up your own business? Need a new attractive packaging direction for your merchandise? Now you can store your own personal goods or your business merchandise with our jars! Store honey, fruit infused drinks, Chinese New Year cookies, roasted coffee beans and other items safely with jars! Rest assured as our jars are absolutely airtight and leak proof. JARGEOUS provides a variety of planet and pocket friendly jars just for you! Now you can store food, drink, small items or even make DIY crafts using high quality and beautiful jars!


The JARGEOUS team adheres strictly to our principles to only sell quality items with full description displayed, ensuring that our customers understand and receive products exactly as promised! We specialize in jars and jar related items to help jump start small businesses. We will also add new style of jars every month to better meet our customer’s demands. The launching of our RM2 AND BELOW CAMPAIGN is part of our promise to help and meet requirements of small companies seeking for new packaging ideas for their merchandise. This campaign also proves our point that we are serious about jars and helping you to get your preferred jars for your business or personal use!


Our new RM2 AND BELOW CAMPAIGN provides an array of selected jars for you to choose from. Purchase in wholesale style (carton) and get the jars at RM2 AND BELOW! Remember to check on our site frequently as we will be adding different types of jars into the campaign so you can enjoy the wholesale price when you purchase in carton!

Hurry and head on over to to view our campaign!

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