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4 new idea to sell in Bazaar

Its that time of the year again. Time to persevere and power through the day. When night falls, its time to celebrate and indulge with beloved family and friends! It is this time of the year where bazaars bring in huge crowds and ring in bigger profits. But how would you stand out from the rest of the stalls and sell your customers what intrigues them? These following ideas are items that we seldom see people selling in bazaars!

1. Spend nothing and gain profit with DIY FROM RECYCLABLES!

If you are good with your hands and creative with DIY ideas, this is your chance to show off your skills and thoughts! Sell T-shirt tote bags, cereal box desk organisers, decorated tuna can plant vase etc. The world is your pickle when it comes to creativity and innovation. Besides being able to earn a quick buck without spending at all, you will also inspire and encourage others to pay attention to the critical issue of pollution. Wallet friendly, environmental friendly too! Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

2. Calm down and breathe…with HOMEMADE AROMATHERAPY CANDLES.

We get it, not being able to eat for the entire day can place a person on edge. Sell these homemade, easy-to-make aromatherapy candles to your customers in bazaars and keep them coming for more! More popular scents to relax and curb appetites are : peppermint, lavender, ginger, lemon etc. Infuse drops of essential oils with your candle wax of choice and tell your customers to keep them burning during the day to keep hunger pangs at bay!

3. How about a cup of FRESHLY BREWED COFFEE to kill off the sluggish mood?

The day goes by at snail’s pace especially during this month of the year. When it’s finally time to break fast, wouldn’t anyone like to kickstart the evening of family and food with a cup of aromatic bittersweet goodness? Sell this during the bazaar and we are sure customers will be attracted to your stall just by the floating aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans. Mmmmm-mmmm!

4. Where to keep the upcoming delicious kuihs and candies but in high quality JARS?

The wonderful days of Raya are just in the horizon. After a month of puasa, we will all be celebrating the long awaited Raya! Jars are the ultimate container of choice for kuihs, candies, cookies, dates and everything delicious for this wonderful month of celebration. Store your freshly made goods in jars to protect them from moisture and contamination. These jars also serve to W-O-W your guests with their intricate designs and beautiful outlook! Get one today to store al your goodies for worry free celebration!

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