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Notice: 2019 Chinese New Year Company Closure

Company closure

In conjunction with Chinese New Year Holiday, Jargeous will be closed from 4/2/19 (Mon) until 7/2/19 (Thurs). We will resume our business on 8/2/19 (Fri). 

Shipping schedule

We have scheduled our shipment in order to collaborate with our shipping partner:

Last shipment before the festive holiday: 1/2/18 (Fri)
Shipment after the festive holiday: 11/2/18 (Mon)

Friendly reminder: To ensure your Jars delivered before the holiday, your order must be confirmed by:

Delivery: 28/1/18 (Mon)
Pick up: 30/1/18 (Wed)

Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee all Jars will be delivered on time.

Kindly contact us at 0391073339 or leave a comment below if you need further assistance.

Thank you very much for the continuous support and we wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Jargeous Team

p/s: Our online store will still receive order and provide support during the holiday season.

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