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Your Ultimate Guide #1 : Jar Sizes


115ml apothecary jar

Quarter-Pint – 4 oz, 118 ml

This is the jar perfect for salt and sugar storage, candies and other small food items or goodies. You can also make beautiful small tea candles with this jar!

ball mason jar half pint 8oz

Half-Pint – 8 oz, 236ml

Ideal for overnight oats, pre-mixed beverage mix, pre-mixed cake mix, bath salts, scented potpourri.

350ml Candle Glass Jar

Three-quarters Pint – 12 oz, 354ml

Perfect jar for jams, chutneys, and preserves! You can also use this as a makeshift pot for small plants!

Pint – 16 oz, 473ml

Lovely large jar for flower arrangements or pillar candles. Customise your very own table centrepiece with this jar! You can also store your beverage in this jar and slowly savour it on-the-go!

Clamp jar

Pint-and-a-half – 24 oz, 709ml

Great jar for larger centrepieces, or a popular pick for candles stabilised in sand. Also a great choice for fruit or herb infused drinks! You can also store dried goods such as your favourite pasta in this jar!

Paint and write label

Quart – 32 oz, 946ml

A larger jar to store dried goods such as rice, pasta, biscuits and keep them fresh and airtight! This will help to maximise the shelf life of your goods and keep them safe for consumption!

Half gallon – 64 oz, 1893ml / Gallon – 128oz, 3786ml

Ideally for apple and grape juice. You can also use to preserve or pickle your favourable food or store your cookies.

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