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Type of caps for jars. Which one should you choose?

So you went online to choose the perfect glass jar for your business, creative project or just as an everyday goods container. But oh-no! They all come in various types of closure!
Which one should you choose to fit your purpose best? Read onto find out more about the different types of closure available and decide which one suits you best!


Lug cap

BEST option for business merchandise. This cap is highly compatible with shrink wrap therefore it is the best choice for business usage. With just one turn to lock and another turn to unlock, lug cap is highly user friendly and convenient for everyday use, allowing you to be in and out of your jar often. Lug cap also allows you to seal your contents in the jar with vacuum to prevent your goods, especially food items, from being oxidised; hence keeping the quality of the item in check. There are other variants of lug caps that serve to more specific purposes, for example RTO, RTB, RTS with plastisol in circle form or in full. Customers are advised to pay attention to the description before making their purchase especially those who plan to use jars as packaging material for their business merchandise.

Wholesale Jars
Pet Plastic Jar Screw cap

Most commonly used type of cap with glass jars. Wonderful option if you are in and out of your jar quite often. This type of a cap is also ideal if you want to use your jar as a beverage container. Have a sip of your drink and just screw the cap back on! No leak, no problem. Screw cap are also commonly used to store food items in jars to keep them airtight and safe for consumption. You can also create holes on the cap and screw them onto small jars containing potpourri or scented tea candles! This type of cap is also more aesthetically pleasing compared to lug cap. More users prefer this type of cap because it can be easily reused. Just screw the cap onto the body tightly and you are good to go! No additional assistance needed to secure the cap!

Lid and band

This type of lid can be separated from the band. Hence different colour combination of lids and bands can be used to keep things creative and attractive. This is also a good choice if you like to DIY and customise your mason jars. The lid can be separated and be a canvas for your creative input. This could be a good marketing strategy or PR move for those planning to use mason jars for their business. Lid and band type of lids are also very suitable for household uses. You can always easily replace the lid or the band separately once either one of them reached the end of their lifespan. The replaced lid or band will form a good seal with the existing component without further hassle!

120ml Pudding Glass Jar Cork

The title itself is self-explanatory. This type of a jar is closed using a wooden cork. Corks provide less good seal as compared to lug or screw type of caps. But nonetheless, they still close up the opening of the jar pretty well and give off a “home-like” or rustic feel to the jar. There are mainly 2 types of corks in the market, namely synthetic and natural corks. Both are quite similar with just a small difference in terms of the nature of the material used.  They can be opted in jars that are used as containers for gifts, such as decorative colourful sand, tea candles, potpourri. Just tie a decorative ribbon or string around it and you are good to go!

Plastic Cap

Due to the nature of the material of these caps, they do not get rusted easily and have a fairly long lifespan. Even in the presence of moisture or acidic substances (example: tomato based sauce) these caps will not rust. However, as one may have already expected, plastic caps cannot withstand heat as well as other metal based caps. Plastic caps also provide features similar as the rest of other metal based caps such as airtight and leak-proof storage.  Besides that, plastic caps also come in 2 main options, namely single layer and double layer caps. Which one to use is solely based on the user’s preference.

Yellow plastic cap
350ml Candle Glass Jar Pressed Glass Cap

A more sleek and elegant choice of cap will be the pressed glass cap. The beautiful outlook of the cap is definitely a plus point. Caps may be ornamented or just plain flat, depending on the user or company’s preference. Another good feature of this type of a cap is the heat compatibility. However, on the losing end, not all glass caps provide a good and tight fit. Some of the glass caps do not give airtight or leak proof seal hence they are not suitable for food or beverage storage where risk of moisture contamination is high. Nonetheless, pressed glass cap is still a pretty good option if you are looking for a decorative centrepiece which can store small items and trinkets but the demand for airtight seal is low. While some pressed glass caps may not provide airtight seal, there are also other glass caps with incorporated additional material like silicone around the opening to allow for an airtight seal. Customers are advised to pay attention to the description before making their purchase to avoid misunderstanding.

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