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Top Picks of 2021

Top 10 Best Sellers 2021 (Summary list)

  1. Ozzie glass juice bottle
  2. Jelly Belly glass pudding jar
  3. Deana plastic jar
  4. Freddy glass jar
  5. Ken glass milk bottle
  6. Smoothie glass juice bottle
  7. Archer amber glass jar
  8. Carter amber glass jar
  9. Boxon glass jar
  10. Stephy glass jar

In this blog, we will be sharing our best sellers throughout 2021, and their most popular usages. The trend of using glass jars is on the hit, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Without realising, December has come and the year 2021 is coming to an end. During this hectic year, we have taken pride and joy to serve all our customers and clients, seeking to meet all the needs and requirements. To accomplish that, many new products have been launched as well as keeping track of previous products. To wrap up the year, we would like to bring you our top 10 best sellers, so keep scrolling to find out more. If some of them fancies your eyes, do check them out!

Top 10 Best Sellers (Jars & bottles)

1. Ozzie

With minimalism being a great hit during the past recent years, our Ozzie Glass Bottle comes in first on the list! This particular glass is a hot item among small business operators, large companies or even individuals.

Its shape and size makes it perfect to hold the right amount of drinks such as coffee and juice, not too much that it hurts your stomach to finish on your own and not too little that you will feel like it’s not enough.

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juice glass bottle

2. Jelly Belly

An adorable shape, petite size and an even lovelier name, the Jelly Belly Glass Jar is our second best seller of 2021. You can really get creative with this peculiar glass.

Let’s say to put caramel puddings, the distinct cross section of the caramel base and vanilla pudding could be admired from the outside, and with a spoon you can just scoop it straight from the Jelly Belly Glass Jar. This is also perfect to serve as a door gift container that would put a delightful smile on your guests’ face.

Its shape and size makes it perfect to hold the right amount of drinks such as coffee and juice, not too much that it hurts your stomach to finish on your own and not too little that you will feel like it’s not enough.

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pudding glass jar

3. Deana

Up next, our Deana Cylinder Plastic Jar that has served as a great helper in the year of 2021. Designed with a wide base and straight sides it allows more and easier storage. As MCO started, many have started their own online small business to sell homemade cookies.

Our Deana Cylinder Plastic Jar has since received a high demand because of its ability to store cookies of different sizes and shapes. The container’s design also allows easy packaging and wrapping, which is of course, a plus point!

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4. Freddy

Our all-time favourite, our pride and joy, is the Freddy Glass Jar. Being able to store as much as 500ml of content, it has been bought and used for a variety of purposes. But the main purpose that we are going to highlight is honey jar.

With its wide base and wide opening, it has been utilised by shops, cafes, and even home owners to keep their honey. Its clear glass is also easy to put a sticker label on, and the honey just glistens under the light, making it ultra captivating.

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glass jar

5. Ken

Hrmm, seems a little familiar right? That’s because it is an upgraded version of our number 1 best seller! This is our Ken Milk Glass Bottle, which is capable of storing much more and larger in size, but still holds its minimalistic designed structure.

Our Ken Bottle has been much bought as a pair, along with its brother Ozzie. This combination has been ideal for customers who want to have both smaller sized and bigger sized glass bottles.

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milk glass bottle

6. Smoothie

As the name suggests, our Smoothie Glass Bottle is more often used as a container to store beverages from juice to coffee. Its straight body and round edge has been loved by our customers to store and sell drinks. One big attraction of this bottle is actually the selection caps, which provides a stainless-steel option.

This cap adds a premium look on the overall presentation of the bottle, which then makes our customers’ product even more appealing.

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7. Archer

Thanks to its distinctive amber colour, our Archer Amber Glass Jar is a must have when you are thinking about candles. This is no doubt the perfect jar for candle making.

With a candle flame flickering and its light glistening through the amber colour, it makes the room look warmer as well as vintage. Not to mention, our customers’ candles have sold exceptionally well in our Archer Amber Glass Jar compared to other storing jars!

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amber glass candle jar

8. Carter

Carter with its smaller size is the younger brother of Archer. With the same frequent uses, Carter Amber Glass Jar is also used for candle making purposes. As mentioned, it is smaller in size, so it is more likely used for a package of different scent.

6-in-1 in a box filled with a variety of scents to choose from? The customers loved it as they can try out different scents before choosing their rightful one!

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amber glass candle jar

9. Boxon

If you are trying to add a little spice to your kitchen, you definitely can’t miss our Boxon Square Glass Jar. Compared to the good-ol round shaped glass jar, this one is squared! It is a fun shape to be collected and added into the kitchen. This is why our customers have always preferred this quirky piece, compared to the common rounded jars.

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square glass jar

10. Stephy

Onto the last item of our top 10 best sellers would be Stephy Glass Jar. This is a classic rounded jar that can be found to store various products in the market. Although it is common, it has a lot of good traits that cannot be compared to others. It is at a lower cost, has a common size and a common shape, you wouldn’t have to worry about the dimensions nor the volume it is able to hold. Plus, its surface makes it easier to label your product.

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glass jar


As the concern and care of health has grown rapid throughout the years, people have realised the importance of it. Besides taking expensive supplements, common folks are siding towards the more traditional way of drinking juices. Hence why, the juice and smoothie industry has expanded.

Candle making is also much more advertised due to the positive effect that it provides. Candles not only drive away odours, but some scents are proven to provide calmness to one self and also helps you sleep better. This is why candles have become a premium gift for any occasion, which is also less costly.

The market has been moving towards the usage of using glass products instead of plastic due to the trend of “green products” as glassware is recyclable and reusable. Other than saving the environment, glassware undoubtedly provides a classier finish to the products.

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