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Top 10 Jar Trends In 2018

Jars are highly versatile and can possibly be your great companion in any situation possible! Please tune in and watch out for the Top 10 Jar Trends in 2018!

1. Candle Making

First up, the undeniably most popular trend for jars goes to candle jars! This trend is very well known throughout many years and is definitely extending into the year of 2018.

Some of our more popular candle jars are Matthew Handle glass jar and Jelly Belly glass jar. Besides the simplicity and beauty of the design, these candle jars are the perfect size for DIY aromatherapy candles at home!

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DIY Candle Mason Jar

2. Corporate Gift

The next most popular trend for jars is corporate gift jar. Long gone are the days of boring corporate or event gifts.

Jars are actually perfect as event or special occasion door gifts because they mostly come in convenient sizes and can be used for personal use by basically, everyone!

Our more popular selections of jars for door gifts are the Wally jar, Parker jar, Jolly Molly jar. You can also use them as special packaging for items such as candies, chocolates etc.

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Corporate gift

3. Wedding or Festive Gifts

Besides as door/corporate gift for bigger events, jars are also suitable to be given as wedding or festive gifts!

These simple and straightforward jars can definitely be appreciated by all recipients, especially those who are going to start their own family.

Our most popular jar given as gift is the Kiki jar. Simple, versatile and easy on the eyes! Suitable to store anything you want to keep dry and safe from contamination!

4. Home & Kitchen Uses

Jars as home & kitchen staples has been a strong and long standing trend.

This is definitely a no brainer because these jars are perfect to store herbs, cookies, candies, crackers etc. Airtight and leak proof storage guaranteed!

The Boston jar and Dallas jar are definitely some of the jars in our store that sell like hotcakes in this category.

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Jars for home & kitchen

5. Food Storage

Storage is the most obvious function of jars and they serve this purpose very well, too!

Jars provide airtight and leak proof storage to ensure that your stored goods have a longer shelf life. Our Plum Pressed glass jar and Jumbo Tea glass jar have a large capacity to store your goods while looking good at the job!

6. Terrarium

Using jars to store plants and create an indoor garden effect is a fairly recent trend. This indoor terrarium using jars creates a more lively and fresh atmosphere in your room.

Now you can enjoy plants in your room in a more unique and creative way! The Goldie jar and Nini jar are some of our recommendations for those who want to start growing their own terrarium plants!

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Terrarium jar

7. Decoration

Who says jars are always same and boring? They can be extremely unique and be the main decor of the table.

Having a set of decorative jars on your coffee or dining table can be killing two birds with one stone. Storage, check! Decor, check!

The Lightout glass bottle in our collections is one of the most unique and decorative piece!

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Light bulb glass bottle

8. Packaging

The next big trend for jars in 2018 is using jars as packaging! Recyclable, reusable, environmental friendly and highly versatile. Using jars as packaging simply checks all the mentioned boxes!

Try out our Boxon Square glass jar, Gasoline Octagon jar as packaging for gifts such as candies, chocolates etc. In this case, the packaging is also an amazing gift!

9. Store Honey

Using jars as for storage of honey is a never ending trend, and rightfully so! Jars ensure an airtight and leak proof storage for your honey.

Using the right storage medium can also ensure a longer shelf life for your precious honey. The Naturesweet jar and Bumblebee jar in our collection are tailor made to serve as honey jars!

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10. Cafe & Restaurant

Last but not least, we are seeing a rise in the trend of using jars in cafes, restaurants to serve drinks and desserts. This trend will definitely extend into the year of 2018.

Using jars, especially those with handles are convenient in serving to your customers. Glass jars are also ideal to be used in food service as they can withstand heat and cold.

The David jar and Osmond jar are very suitable to serve drinks/desserts whereas the Grand Beverage Dispenser Jar provides a huge storage capacity, suitable to be used as a drink dispenser for customer self service!

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