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New and improved shopping experience!

Feeling frustrated that you cannot get a better “feel” of our items on sale? Hesitated if you should click on the “add to cart” button because you are unsure of what are you actually buying? We feel you. Yes, really we do!

The Jargeous team takes our jars seriously. We are so serious that we are seriously trying to improve your shopping experience by giving you a better and clearer “feel” of the item that you are going to purchase! Now by uploading short videos of our jars, customers can appreciate a 360 degree view of the jars. Our undying promise that our jars have good seals and are absolutely leak-proof can also be well proven through our short videos!

We care about our customers so much that we even test the limits of our products FOR YOU. You can now sit back and relax while watching our experimental videos of how we test and how we ensure quality of our jars. Our products are being tested with different methods to prove that our promise of quality is 100% valid. Now you can ditch the hassle of reading lengthy descriptions and know exactly what to expect when the delivery man arrives at your doorstep!

Please do check out our videos and stay tuned to our website or Facebook page as we are frequently uploading new videos and posts to keep you updated about our products!

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