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Modern Raya House Decor Ideas with Jars and Bottles

As cultural Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration always the ideal time for family gatherings. However, almost all large house gatherings and celebrations will be put on hold this Raya and everyone is properly advised to stay put where they are. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean we assuredly have to frown upon. Come up with festive decorations such as you did last Raya and never restrain from smiling, regardless of how the unique situation brought us.

Just imagine simple beautiful decorations for Aidilfitri fused in the corners of your house can simply liven up your day!

Exclusive Jars-Vase

It’s no exaggeration to say a little flower can brighten your mood. Just like receiving flowers, naturally having to see flowers in that random corner of your home induce positivity to human mood and instant mood booster. Do you have old emptied bottles or jars? Don’t throw them away. You can reuse If you have
the budget, get a bottle from.

Cute Painted Jars with Flowers

It goes without saying that flowers smell good some flowers can actually filter and purify the air of the room too, so that’s why it is beneficial in encouraging recovery. During this Covid-19 situation, that is exactly what we need! Let’s paint a jar and place them flowers in now!

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Twine wrapped glass bottle

Twine Wrapped Jars & Bottles

You can use any bottle or jar you have on hand. Pick bottles with peculiar shapes, and colours make DIY art if you want. Got extra twine bundles you found in your store? Completely wrap them up, and they made an absolute adorable rustic feeling add on to your room!

Dazzling Stained Glass

Line the jars along the yard or your bathroom and gently let the light gloss through the decorative glasses creating that Insta-worthy filter you always wanted! Create your own version of Raya inspired creative art and turn that dull looking jars into glossy stained glass effects!

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Futuristic Raya Lights

Your void room will turn out to be incredibly bright this Raya! A few extra lights around your house is a great addition to bring a warm and cozy feeling. Make use of the ketupat ornaments you used last year and bring the lights back to life! These decorations will definitely bring everyone in the mood, and it will be a great beginning to you and your family this Raya! Selamat Hari Raya in advance to all our dearest Muslims guests.

Talk about distance, we are far apart but talk about dear heart and we are close together!

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