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How To Use Jars and Bottles In Your Cafe!

Jars and bottles have an abundance of usage. One of them mainly being restaurant and café staples, especially if you are down for convenience, high-quality glassware, airtight leak-proof storage and of course, creativity.

With jars and bottles, you can achieve them all……without breaking your bank. BIG PLUS right there. Right here, in your comfortable seat, we would like to share with you, the main few reasons why you should try jars and bottles in your café, TO – DAY.

1) Serve Your Drinks, Hot or Cold

Because right now, we have handles to our jars. Piping hot drinks or freezing cold fraps are no longer a problem because they can all be held with ease using handles.

Reactions to high or low temperatures with your food/beverage surface is also no longer a worry because our jars/bottles are made of high-quality glassware. Check out our Café favorites – Oscar handle jar and Parker handle jar!

Glass milk bottle

2) Juice In The Bottle

Most of our jars come with a screw on cap. These caps also come with different pops of colors and designs that are sure to be intriguing to onlookers.

Serve your famous yogurts and health juice with zero leakage and get a great THUMBS UP from your customers. Make the most out of your nutrient-packed yogurt or plant-based smoothies when you keep your merchandise capped and sealed. No leakage, no contamination, absolutely fuss-free. Leak-proof bottle of your choice – milk bottle / juice bottle

Mason Jar Lightbulbs

3) Creative Piece

Let your customers distinguish you from other cafés. Express all that your brand represents onto your jars and bottles. You can choose plain-ish jars/bottles and transform them into glorious canvases to take in all your creativity.

Is your brand elegant and sophisticated, witty and bold, hip and trendy? Express yourself! Do not blend in! Take a look at our light bulb glass jar. Feel inspired already? There is so much you can do, get inspired and get your creative thinking cap on now! Create more with Mason glass jar

Jar decoration on cafe

4) Table Decoration

Your café décor represents your brand and image. Choose your décor wisely to capture the hearts of your customers. Jars and bottles allow you to modify and customize the décor according to your vision.

Take charge of what you want your brand to be, don’t compromise on the limitations of available décor, don’t be a follower! Have a favorable color scheme in mind? Turn it into a reality and blend in your décor with matching lights, flower pots, hanging accessories etc.

Glass jar storage in cafe

5) Storage

This is probably the most obvious of all reasons to get jars and bottles for your café. But they are not just any storage, they are RELIABLE storage. Reason being they are fridge and dishwasher friendly, adapt well to cold and hot temperatures, leak-proof and airtight, food safe and come in almost every size that you will possibly need! Shop our big jar.

They also look very good on your countertops, customers’ tables. Store your coffee beans, condiments, cooking herbs and spices safe from moisture in our airtight jars. Also, keep your customers hydrated by allowing them to refill water on their own with our glass dispenser. Like we said, we have all that you will possibly need!

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