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How to choose a terrarium jar

So you have scrolled through your Pinterest list on beautiful indoor terrariums and you are hyped on getting yourself started on creating your very own terrarium. What next? First off the list of creating your own terrarium is to pick your choice of plant and jar! Have that perfect plant in your mind? Great! Now let’s move on to choose the perfect jar for your plant.


These criteria highly depend on the choice of your plant, of course! Bear in mind that the jar has to have enough space to allocate for sufficient amount of air for your plant to survive.

Too small of a jar may mean that the internal environment of the jar is highly humid, if your plant cannot survive that amount of humidity, it might rot! If the jar is far too big for your plant, that may mean the internal environment of the terrarium might not be humid enough for your plants to thrive.

Another factor to consider is the growth rate of your plant, if it grows rapidly in a short amount of time, then it is just sensible to get a larger jar so that your plant can grow into it and there’s less hassle with pruning!


This entirely depends on personal preference but the general idea is to get a jar with a wide mouth design. The reason is fairly self-explanatory, wider mouths simply provide better accessibility. Straight, tall sides for terrarium jars are also highly recommended so you get more volume and capacity for your plant and decorations.

Glass jars with embossed surface designs or carvings give a unique look to your terrarium, some may find it obscuring their view into the jar whereas glass jars with plain glass jars allow you to see your plant completely.


Pressed lid or screw on lid? Both are commonly used in terrarium glass jars. However, screw on caps may provide more security to your jar if you decide to make your terrarium jar a hanging decoration. Pressed glass lids are ideal when you want your terrarium to exude elegance.

Make sure to choose terrarium jars that provide airtight closure, otherwise, air might leak in and the internal environment of your terrarium may lose too much humidity, causing your plants to shrivel and dry up.


If you decide to make your terrarium a hanging decoration, choose a smaller jar and plant. Smaller plants in smaller jars allow the terrariums to be safely hanged anywhere you want them to be. Also, as mentioned before, choose a screw on lid for more security and no worries on lids slipping off from the jars.

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