Glass jar recycling loop
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Glass jar recycling loop

Glass is one of the most used materials in our world today and recycling items made from this material is becoming increasingly important to reduce waste and pollution. As most of us may already know, recycling is not just a trend, it is a way of life that should be adapted by everyone to preserve our planet. Everyone should be having basic information regarding the fundamental works of recycling. This short piece will be a direct and easy to understand introduction of glass recycling.


First and foremost, recyclables from various households, office, industrial facilities are collected and placed in curbside bins, business recycling containers, and/or brought to local recycling drop off locations. The amount of these recyclables are highly dependant on the recycling awareness of the local community so please help spread the word and empower young minds!

Deliver to MRF

From these collection points, recyclables are then collected by collecting trucks from local recycling companies. They will then be safely delivered to a Material Recovery Facility or MRF.

Separate by material types

Recyclables will then be separated or organised according to types of material. The community can contribute in making this a smoother process by carefully separating the recyclables first at home or individual office/organisation. Please ensure obvious foreign items are initially filtered out prior to recycling.

Send to glass processing company

After recyclables are separated according to material types, glass from the MRF and drop off point is sent to a glass processing company.

Sold to glass container manufacturers and made into new jars

Glass will then be efficiently separated from trash and other contaminants. They will also be sorted according to presenting colors. The recycled glass will later be sold to glass container manufacturers, be completely disinfected and made into new bottles, jars, containers and other means of glass products.

Sold to retail companies for food & beverage packaging

Once the recycled glass items take their new forms, they will again be sold from individual retail companies. Consumers will buy these glass items and the recycling pattern is resumed.

Recycling is a crucial part in our everyday lives to ensure the longevity of our environment and ultimately our planet. The awareness and habits of recycling should be actively instilled into the minds of younger generations to ensure a comfortable and sustainable environment for centuries to come.

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