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Handmade Gifts Packaging Idea

Do you have any handmade products you wanted to give to your love one or best friends but have no idea making it look nice?

Easy step to keep your handmade gifts look great.

Step 1

Choose a nice font and download to your computer. Click here to choose your favourite fonts.

There are fews website out there but some fonts are required to pay and of course there are still many free fonts for you to choose.

This is one of the free font websites

Step 2

After choosing your favourite fonts, you can start picking a design you like and start showing out your idea on photoshop or if you are really not good in photoshop then maybe you can try in Microsoft Word but definitely Microsoft Word has more limitation compared to photoshop. Or you can find professional to do for you. This is our partner (design agency), their price is very reasonable and professional service.

Step 3

You can either send your art to print out a sticker but definitely there are a minimum quantity and normally is about 100 pcs. Our partner do also provide printing services. Anyway if you want to save cost, I would recommend to print it out yourself in a A4 size paper and cut them out and use double sided tape to stick around the border or you can buy those sticker paper out there.

Step 4

Buy a size of jar that fit your gifts at This store provide many type of sizes and design for your choice. You also can get your decoration items there.

Happy DIY

Jars in Malaysia

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