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DIY Candy Cane Mason Jar

11-26_Candy-Cane-Lane_Image1a-608x1024 copy

This is a candy cane DIY dream come true. Create a trendy, stylish candy cane vase to display your beautiful holiday flowers.

You will need:

  • Any coloured mason jar (Get your jars @Jars In Malaysia),
  • Mod modge,
  • Blue painter’s tape,
  • White paint,
  • A small paint brush,
  • Twine and jingle bells.


  • Start with a red mason jar, which comes with several of our holiday bouquets—including this stunning of red and white roses and carnations, and festive jingle bell picks.
  • Place painter’s tape starting from the bottom of the jar to the top at a diagonal. Repeat this process approximately every two inches to create your “stripes.”
  • Once the tape is securely in place, paint a layer of mod podge onto any exposed areas on the outside of the jar—the mod podge ensures the white paint looks as white as possible when finished. When the mod podge has dried, paint a layer of white paint over it.
  • After the paint has dried, remove the tape and voilà! You have a lovely candy cane-inspired creation. Using twine, we strung silver and red jingle bells around the top for a cute embellishment.

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