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Quality Control on Closure

Procedural Steps in Our Quality Control Protocol

Do you know that caps and jars are produced by completely different factories?

Nowadays, there are many issues regarding caps not being able to fit their designate jars perfectly. These defective caps either cannot form a perfect seal with the jars or they do not fit at all!

We checked on every closure of cap to each jar to ensure they fit each other perfectly before sending them out to our customers.

Our step by step quality control procedure :
QC check on cap

Step 1

First off we check the jar itself. Our jar team members check the opening of the jar along with the rest of the body of the jar to ensure no defects are present. Sometimes, small niches around the opening of the jar prevents the cap from forming a perfect seal with the jar.

QC check on cap

Step 2

Next, our team members will check if all the components of the jars are properly placed. Example : Some of the jars may come in a set of body, stopper and cap. Our staff members will ensure that all the components are present.

QC check on cap

Step 3

Then, the cap is screwed tight onto the jar. Care is taken to ensure that each cap fit onto each jar perfectly, every time.

QC check on cap

Step 4

Now the jar with its perfectly fitted cap is placed into the box with the rest of our customer’s shipment! A complete and properly fitted cap is important because without a correct cap, the entire set of jar + cap does not give a good seal. Without a good seal, the goods you store (especially food items) are exposed to risk of contamination. Therefore our team here in Jargeous takes quality control very seriously and will go to extra lengths to ensure our jars are sent out in the best condition, every time.

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