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Candle-making 101: Choosing the RIGHT container

Candle-making is such a fun hobby! It’s an easy way to spruce up your living space while saving you heaps of money on decorative candles. However, as mentioned in previous articles we’ve written: there is an art to candle-making. Yes, it is easy and very friendly for beginners but there are some basics that need to be adhered to before starting the candle-making journey.

The foundation of every candle is the trusty and sturdy container in which it is made. Experimenting with different containers is festive and creative, however, it also needs to be functional and effective. As amazing as it is to start cultivating and curating your candles in different containers, you have to ensure that it is a safe container to use. Due to the nature of a candle, it is a fire hazard. So everything from this point onwards has to be dedicated to limiting the potential risk of a fire. Safety always comes first! And that starts with the candle container.

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Find a good, high-quality container that is heat resistant.

This may seem like a very logical and obvious piece of information but you would be surprised with the containers that some people use to make their candles. Many household items have been used as candle containers. A few examples include: plant pots, ceramic mugs, wine glasses and more.

Not that these aren’t great ideas, but they are not particularly safe. The mentioned containers are not heat resistant or are prone to cracking/leaking. Therefore in order to make safe and functional candles, you need to find high-quality containers that are heat-resistant. But you don’t have to be breaking the bank or spending above your budget just to make candles. At Jargeous, you can find a large variety of safe, heat-resistant, and high-quality containers that are super inexpensive. Take a closer look here! -> Shop For Candle Jars

You may ask, how would I know if my container is heat-resistant? Well, for starters, if you are purchasing your containers from a website or from a store, you can refer to the product description or specifications. More often than not, it will mention whether the container is safe in higher temperature. If you can’t find it within the specifications, then consult with an employee and they should be able to advise you.

However, if you are thinking of recycling some materials or using things around the house then you should take note of a few criteria that your container must have before using it to make your candle. To know if your container is safe to use, you must ensure that:

  • It won’t burn or catch fire.
  • It won’t leak.
  • It won’t crack.

It goes without saying that the container you use must be able to withstand heat and not catch on fire. It cannot be a container made out of flammable material. No paper, no wood and definitely no plastic. Anything that can catch on fire should be ruled out immediately. The fire department has too much on their plate already.

Secondly, the container you use must be intact and sturdy. A leaking candle is a mess, an absolute mess. Not only is it burdensome to clean up wax but there is a risk of a fire if the hot wax were to come into contact with a flammable item. Lastly, your container needs to be strong and cannot crack under pressure. I mean, it happens to the best of us but it cannot happen to your candle container. A crack is a cry for disaster. In addition to it being a fire risk and hazard, a cracked container is a ticking time bomb for an explosion. Broken shards of glass are tedious to clean but even more dangerous to be around.

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Be very attentive when lighting your candles

While you can do everything right, from picking the right candle container to having a controlled flame, a candle is still a fire hazard. If left unattended or idle, the flame can catch onto something and can cause serious harm. That is why it is best to never leave a candle unattended and to always be watchful and observant of any candles that you light. Remember, safety first!

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