Christmas glass jar decoration
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Be Different This Christmas

Amp up your game this Christmas season and NOT break your bank. This is called “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” for us frugal folks, of course with no killing involved. All you need is patience, creativity, a few mason jars and of course the most important thing of all, the internet for added inspiration.

Fairy light glass jar

First up, THE DECOR. Fancy snow-globes are amazing for your own home decor or as a gift. More importantly, they are easy to recreate and you definitely can be your own boss in choosing the content and theme of your very own globe. You can find a lot of beautiful self made snow-globes sprawling across the land of Pinterest. Attach your very own mini family pic with miniature trees onto the jar cap, add a crazy amount of silver and white glitter, fill your mason jar with liquid to the brim and invert your attached items into the liquid and voila! Your very own winter wonderland!


Christmas jar gift

Next up, LIGHTS UP. Fairy lights can be mundane, like seriously. These colourful blinking lights can be seen out and about in EVERY. FESTIVE. SEASON. So how in the world can you step up your game? Mason jars! You can brush paint, spray paint and drench your jars in glitter. Go crazy with your creativity! You are the boss of your own home and definitely your own lights. Place a single or a few fairy lights into the jars and witness magic take place yourself. While they may not make your dishes wash themselves, fairy lights in colourful jars are extremely charming to look at.

Coming next, AFFORDABLE GIFTS that are NOT CHEAP. Lets face it, the price tag on your gift does not represent how much that individual weighs in your heart. RM50 means good friend and RM25 means “meh” friend? If you spend a lot of creativity and handiwork on a gift, you immediately elevate a gift from being a “cheap gift” to a “thoughtful” and “sincere gift”. Decorate plain looking mason jars with glitters, stickers, paint, pictures and thoughtful messages. If you have a crush on a special someone you can even slip in a cutsie note, just don’t let it fall into the wrong hands. These beautiful jars can later be used for storing loose change, snacks etc!

Recipe glass jarPass on MOMMA’s RECIPES. What is as important as gifts and good thoughts in this festive season? EVEN BETTER FOOD. If you have a drop dead amazing cake recipe that you want to share this season, do it in jars! Place all the dry ingredients in the jar, add on a sticker that states the remaining liquid ingredients and instructions to cook. Later that week just wait for complimenting texts from your colleagues and friends. Just keep it hushed if its your mom who prepares the ingredients. Life is short, you can be a rockstar among your peers even for a very short while.

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