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5 ways to keep our packing safe

We try our best to keep customers happy and satisfied with every moment that you are with us and we are especially ecstatic when you receive your goods in full 100% satisfaction. Imagine answering to your doorbell and opening your boxes full of anticipation…only to find that your hard earned money was spent in vain because your goods can no longer be used or just not as good as our website display. How annoying is that!

Our Jargeous team go to extra lengths to ensure your packages are delivered and received in the best condition. There are a few key points that we adhere to while we carefully pack your items to be shipped or delivered!

Double layer Jargeous box

Extra security with double layer box

This is especially crucial when we pack heavy goods. Items can easily tear through a single flimsy layer of cardboard. Which is why we use double layer or add on another layer if deemed necessary. But if the goods are too heavy to be placed in the same place, we can always pack them separately in accordance to whichever method that seemed more reasonable and practical.

Bubble wrap on glass jar

Impact absorbing bubble wrap and stretch wrap

It is inevitable that our boxes sometimes meet with a few light impacts during delivery. Fear not, our goods are well protected with layers of bubble wrap and stretch wrap! If necessary, bubble wraps and stretch wraps will be placed to protect your goods from harm when light impacts and frictions just cannot be absolutely avoided. Bubble wraps act as a cushion layer to absorb impacts whereas stretch wraps prevents scratches onto the surface of your items.


Friction no more with nesting

In between individual jars we may choose to place nesting if necessary. This is to prevent objects from rubbing against each other during deliver causing scratches and chip offs. Nesting in between objects also helps to absorb lighter impacts during delivery.

Net and PE foam

Cushion effect with net foam and PE foam

If more cushioning effect is desired to place our minds at ease, we will put net foam and PE foam into the boxes along with your goods during packaging. Net foam and PE foam surrounds your goods forming a cushion layer to absorb impact.

Fragile tape on Jargeous box

Draws attention with “Fragile” tape

Last but not least, we let our delivery guys know that our boxes require extra tender love and care by sticking the “FRAGILE” tapes on our boxes. These highly adhesive tapes also help in securing our boxes, keeping them closed and in one piece! At the same time they also serve as a reminder to staffs assigned to deliver your goods.

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