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2018 Chinese New Year Shipment Schedule

[Announcement] Due to Chinese New Year Holiday, we have scheduled our shipment in order to collaborate with our shipping partner:

Last shipment before the festive holiday: 14/2/18 (Wed)
Shipment after the festive holiday : 20/2/18 (Tues)

Friendly reminder: To ensure your Jars delivered before holiday, your order must be confirmed by:

Delivery: 12/2/18 (Mon)
Pick up: 14/2/18 (Wed)

Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee all Jars will be delivered on time.

Kindly contact us at 0166150526 or leave comment below if you need further assistance.

Thank you very much for the continuous support and we wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Jargeous Team

p/s: Our online store www.jarsinmalaysia.com will still receive order and provide support during the holiday season.

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