750ml Charlie Clamp Glass Jar (Tall)


This jar is a beautiful kitchen/dining area assistant! Keep your flour, grains, cereals, milo powder, baked goods away from air, moisture contamination and prying hands! Are you and your children constantly reaching in to your containers for cookies or edibles? This easy to use jar with a convenient clamp will keep the lid tightly shut every time when you close the lid to ensure your goods stay well…good!

  • Capacity 750ml
  • Closure Swing glass top with gasket
  • Material PP plastic sealing washer, Soda-lime Glass, Stainless steel
  • Shape Oval with round base
  • Temperature Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe, Oven safe, up to 150 degree celcius
  • Quality BPA free, Eco-friendly, Food grade
  • Air tight Yes
  • Leak proof Yes
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  1. abbyrami2012 (verified owner)

    This jar keeps the stuffs inside dry and good condition. However, the clamp is not as easy or as convenient to use. You may need to use a little effort to open close it. But the overall quality is better than many other products I have bought. Will buy more and more from jargeous.

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