500ml Cali Plastic Jar (PET)


PET plastic jar with aluminium cap + stopper closure. Looking for a lightweight solution to store your goods and keep all the contamination away? This could be exactly what you need! This plastic jar provides storage plus extra security because of the stopper that keeps moisture and oxidation away.
Running your own business? This might be what you need to store dried goods, cereals, baking mixes, pastas, crackers, cookies, dried tea leaves and so much more!

  • Capacity 500ml
  • Closure Aluminium screw cap with pad and stopper
  • Material Aluminium, PE plastic stopper, PET plastic, Polyethylene Foam pad
  • Shape Straight sided with round base
  • Temperature Avoid using with microwave and oven, Freezer safe
  • Quality BPA free, Eco-friendly, Food grade
  • Air tight Yes
  • Leak proof Yes
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