Classicale Manual Coffee Grinder


Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Equipped with a ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Engraved with “Coffee” text
  • Adjustment of the grinding fineness
  • Can be used to grind coffee and also vanilla, nutmeg, pepper and other spices
  • Traditional design
  • Stylish kitchen decoration
  • Moth-proof
  • Ensures more aromatic coffee than electric grinders because coffee beans do not heat up during the grinding process

Instruction for use:

  1. Thickness of grains can be modified by turning adjusting nut
  2. Place securing washer in desired position on adjusting nut then the handle and tighten with bolt
  3. Operate the handle by turning it clockwise
  4. Turn the adjusting nut fully anti-clockwise to produce the coarsest grain
  5. Clean the exterior with mild detergent and damp cloth. Every 3 months, grind 1/3 cup of rice to keep the mechanism clean
  • Material Ceramic, Crude Wood, Stainless steel
  • Wholesales / Retails piece

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