Brown paper cushion



Paper cushion is made of brown rafi shredded paper and its retro colour is just nice to enhance your packaging. Besides enhancing, the purpose of using paper cushion can makes your packaging tidier.

If you need the least amount of paper cushion in each packing, test pack can made up 5 packings, while small pack can made up of 30 packings and large pack for 100 packings as per shown in the photo.

For normal packing, test pack can made up of 2-3 packings, small pack about 15-20 packings and large pack about 50 packings.

Customer is advised to buy test pack if you need to test out the amount of paper cushion you will need for your each packing and then you can calculate by using this ratio. Test pack : small pack : large pack = 1 : 6 : 20.


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