70ml Bumble Bee Beehive Glass Jar


As the name suggests, our Bumble Bee Beehive Glass Jar is dedicated to the exterior design of a beehive. It is round with strips, just like an animated beehive! This glass jar can be used to store things from solid to liquid, our personal pick would be to store honey as the design is fitting. It does make you feel like Winnie the Pooh when you scoop up honey from this jar. A variety of cap colour selection is available too.

Minimum order: 2 cartons ~ 324 pieces

Pre-order lead time: 4-6 weeks

  • Material Metal, Soda-lime Glass
  • Closure 43mm metal lug cap with liner
  • Shape Oval with round base
  • Temperature Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe, up to 90 degree celcius
  • Quality BPA free, Eco-friendly, Food grade
  • Air tight Yes
  • Leak proof Yes
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