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Mason Jars Crafts Ideas to Fill your Kids’ Time At Home

Some children are delighted they can spend more time with the parents at home, but to some parents, they are juggling between work from home and properly taking care of the kids. While many parents are struggling to come up with new ideas to keep their kids entertained during the day!

Here is the list of great mason jars to keep your kids engaged and an excellent family bonding time activity.

Some kids have a passion for painting or drawing. Develop projects that lead that passion. This absolutely engages the child and to drop some stifled energy.

Aquarium mason jar

Aquarium Jar

With only a little stuff like water, small faux fish figurines or little mermaids, a little blue food colouring and seaweed, rocks are all you need to make your very own little aquarium 

Given the current pandemic condition, people aren’t going to the sea at the moment, but that isn’t preventing kids enjoying lots of fun making them. The best part is you don’t have to feed them.

Activity glass jar

Activity Jars

The ultimate activity jars! These work excellent to avoid them fussing when they have nothing to do anymore. Empower the kids to brainstorm ideas on what they wish to do.

Sit down together and make a write-down of all of the things they generally love to make, learn, play and do like quizzes, board games, painting, exercise, singing and more.

Galaxy jar

Galaxy Jar

Ever imagine intentionally creating a luminous galaxy on your own? 

All you need is a jar, water, colourful glitter, acrylic paint and loads of cotton balls. 

Kids, teens and adults will love the unique experience too, beautiful and work great for calming effect or a stress relief. Let the nebula run loose. This jar is going to steal the universe!

Crayon Drip Mason Jar

Crayon Drip Jar

The kids would love this craft! Parents may start the first step to melt the crayons and let the kids work the blow dryer to get the final drip effects. The best part is the outcome will be totally different every single time you create one. Most of the kids have got old unusable crayons lying inside some box. Break some old crayon pieces and let’s get started.

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Glass Gems Luminaries

Tastefully decorate them jars with glass gems, make some patterns and this could end up looking like an authentic piece of art treasure. It will look really pretty outdoors with the dazzling sunlight shining through. For glowing effect during the night, you can add in little solar lights.

Stationery glass jar holder

Stationery Holder Jars

So lovely isn’t it? Who doesn’t love cute little stationery holders with cute faces? The kids can make their own character or their favourite Pokemon character. Besides pencils or rulers, you can store other items like flowers, toothbrushes and so on.

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Piggy bank jar

Piggy Bank Jar

Important money lessons! It is time to start preparing your kids to save money as they wisely said “Menabung Sejak Kecil”. Let your kids adopt their favourite animal, wrap with an old sock, stick-on googly eyes or cut out from scrap cloths. Saving has never been this fun!

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