Mason jar snack shaker
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Mason Jar Snack Shaker

Makes : 1


  • Empty juice container
  • Scissors
  • Pint-sized mason jar
  • Marker/pencil/pen


You’ll need a pint-sized mason jar and an empty juice container with a plastic twist-top spout. Clean and dry the container, then gently pull at the seams to open the top. Slice the top 4″ from the carton, flatten on a table, and grab your mason jar lid.

Draw a line around your lid, with the spout in the center of the circle. Then use sharp scissors to cut just inside the line.
Image Source: Brooke McLay
Set the circle on top of your mason jar. If it’s too large for the rim of the jar, simply snip and trim until the circle fits the top of your jar.
Image Source: Brooke McLay

Now, fill the jar with small snacks, crackers, or cereals. You can make your own mix or fill the jar with a single favorite snackable.

Another great way to use this jar? Fill it with bubblegum! No bubblegum machine (or pennies!) needed. The little spout will dispense everything one at a time, making it so surprisingly fun to get just one tiny treat.

Now, twist the cap on and store until you’re ready to snack or share.

Image Source: Brooke McLay

When it comes time to nosh, twist open your plastic lid and tip the mason jar. Whoosh! A few little snacks will fly out into tiny hands, making treat time extra fun (and extra tidy, too!).

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