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How to choose the right jar for your honey

Into some real honey business? You should give some serious thoughts on how to keep your honey tasting amazing!
Nowadays, the options of containers for honey is overwhelming. One may easily get lost in choices for honey containers. What are the affecting factors that should come to mind when choosing the perfect honey container?

Honey glass jar

1. To see or not to see?

When choosing the perfect honey container, a clear, see-through container has the upper hand. Consumers love seeing the golden elixir that is stored within!

When consumers immediately see the high-quality golden elixir contained within, they will feel the value of the money paid is justified.

2. Glass is always better?

YES. At least in the case of honey, your better option will be the glass bottle/jar! Plastic options might cause leakage of chemicals and odour into your honey.

Chemicals and odour will taint the high quality of the honey and cause it to taste different.

3. The cap problem

A cap is most definitely needed to keep your honey safe from moisture contamination. High moisture levels will cause honey to ferment and become spoiled. Screw on caps ensures airtight and leak proof storage.

Another popular choice will be the glass pressed cap. This cap also ensures your honey stay safe from moisture contamination and gives the container a classy and rustic vibe.

Which jar is suitable for honey:

4. Shape of the bottle

This is completely up to the image of your brand. How would you want your consumers to perceive your brand? A common, timeless design can easily be accepted by most people.

Whereas a unique design screams for attention and can immediately stand out from the rest.

Honey glass jar

5. Food grade. Is it that important?

YES. Most definitely! Do not even think about using cheap, disposable containers for your honey! Your high quality honey deserves a bit of respect, especially after you went through such hassle to harvest it.

Store it in high quality food grade glassware so that your customers can immediately feel the quality of your product, even before tasting it! Good news is, all our glassware is food grade, therefore you have an abundance of options to choose from!

6. The money factor

This depends on whether the honey is used at home only or is aimed to be prepared in bulk. If you are just using the container to store honey at home, you can choose a high quality glass jar with beautiful designs.

However if you aim to prepare and sell honey in bulk, you can choose jars with simple and common designs because these will be more cost efficient.

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7. Raise brand awareness!

This is actually easily achievable! You can print your brand on stickers or on jars/bottles to raise brand awareness. We now offer our customers easy printing on jars/bottles or on stickers to allow your customers to recognise your products and come back for more! Learn more for printing:

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