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Early bird discount

Buy early, pay less!

Calling out to all early birds! We have just the right promotion for YOU! Plan your pre-orders as early as 1 month before because we are offering an ultra special price!


What do you need to do?

EASY. PEASY. Just place your orders early, that’s it! Plan out your purchases approximately a month ahead, pick out your favourite jars from our collection, place your pre-orders and pay online directly here! It will take about 20-25 days for us to prepare and send your goodies to you!


How exactly did we manage to come out with such fantastic price points?

As always, we take the interests of our customers very seriously. What matters to you, matters to us! In order to allow our customers to buy more and pay less, we take up the challenging task of searching for loop holes, allowing both parties (you and us) to mutually benefit.

In this case, due to early pre-orders, we are able to strategise and plan early for stock management. Labour and logistic costs can be saved! Now we are able to return your favour by helping you to save on your purchase!

Sounds vague? Not really! Purchase with us today and see the magic of early pre-order unfolds itself!


As per usual, the Jargeous team is ever so thankful for all your support and love towards us. We would like to say a big THANK YOU and will work hard to make your shopping experience with us enjoyable!

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