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5 Perfect Door Gift Ideas This Coming Raya!

Cookie Jar, of course

No biggie, but it is only a MUST to eat cookies during Raya holidays. What else would we do? So it only makes perfect sense to get your friends and loved one’s cookie jars as a gift during this Raya. You can either use it to store home baked goods to be presented to your guests or you can use it to store cookies to be given out!

A good cookie jar will keep all your baked goods airtight and fully of crispy goodness! Hop on to our website to check out more airtight and leak-proof beautiful cookie jars!

Candy Jar, for the little pals and big kids

Candies are also a must during every festive season. Plus, candies look beautiful when they come in rainbow colours and stored in a decent candy jar. When placed on your serving table, candy jars filled with awesome candies will definitely improve the aesthetics of your table.

All candy jars, however, must fulfill this criteria, to be airtight! This is especially important if you want to keep ants and moisture contamination away!

Chocolate Jar, for the chocoholics

This is another must-have on your (or your loved ones) serving table this coming Raya. Chocolates could be very temperamental especially on hot days, requiring extra TLC in the fridge.

Wouldn’t it be just a bummer if your chocolates in the fridge get contaminated with odd smells from other items in the fridge? This is where chocolate jars come in handy! Keep them in airtight chocolate jars to be free from contamination, the jars add to the aesthetics too when you serve chocolates to your guests!

Coffee Bean Jar, so important

If you love serving your guests and yourself (of course) coffee, consider investing in a good coffee bean jar because it will serve you well in the long run.

Not just during Raya of course, everyone needs good coffee…because why not? A good airtight and leakproof coffee jar will keep your coffee beans safe from its biggest enemy, moisture contamination!

The coffee jar will also prolong the shelf life of your coffee beans making your daily coffee taste at its best!

Honey Jar

What else better to store golden gooey sweet goodness besides a good old fashioned honey jar? Honey jars will never be out of trend in storing honey because they simply are the best containers to store it!

Airtight and leak-proof honey jars make sure that your honey stays in the best condition for as long as they can.

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