4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Glass Jars This Raya!
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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Glass Jars This Raya!

Environmental Hero

It goes without saying that using glass is much better for the environment. It is biodegradable, which means its disposal will not cause harm to the environment. In this day and age where global warming and pollution is rife, we, as the inhabitants of this planet should play our part to maximise use out of recyclable and biodegradable items to reduce our carbon prints.


You may feel that getting a glass jar is expensive at first, compared to cheap plastic containers. Think again, because glass jars are highly reusable! This automatically reduces your household cost to buy containers. In the long run, it actually saves more to buy glass containers due to their longevity.

Use it…Again and Again

Remember the jar that you bought to store cookies for previous Hari Raya? Good news for you because the jar can be reused to store coffee, candies, herbs, spices, more cookies and probably whatever you had in mind! It can also be used over a long period of time! If you want to be involved in creating a better environment for your children and grandchildren, choosing glass jars will be a wise choice.

Better than Plastic…Obviously!

This statement is especially true if you are storing food items. Glass jars have a better tolerance towards warm food compared to plastic. If you are concerned about plastic containers leaching chemicals when subjected to hot food items, look no more because glass jars/containers are the answer! Choose glass jars/containers over plastic this Hari Raya to provide your family with safer food!

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